For the first two days, we refer you to the proposals already made (for one day o two days): a trip on the lake, by car or boat, and a visit to the town of Como are definitely on the bucket list!

On the third day, if the weather is nice, we offer a walk between the lake and mountains, leaving by boat from Cernobbio (the landing stage is just a few meters from the vacation house),

to reach Como and then the funicular to Brunate. From here you can continue on foot or by shuttle to the Voltian Lighthouse of San Maurizio, from which you will enjoy a splendid view of Como and the entire first basin of the lake; on clear days, your gaze also embraces the skyline of Milan.

Back in Brunate, head down to Torno, following the “Strada Regia”, a path that is not difficult but has a steep incline in some places. In Torno, in the quaint little square by the lake, you can take the boat back to Cernobbio.


If you have already been to Brunate on previous days, an alternative could be to reach Argegno by car (about half an hour from the vacation house), boat or bus and take the Cable car to Pigra, where you can simply enjoy the village and a lunch at one of the excellent local restaurants or head off to one of the mountain walks Who have their starting point here.


The Intelvi Valley can be a viable alternative, especially in summer.

If you are a great walker and the season is not scorching hot, you can walk from Pigra to Lanzo d’Intelvi and then return to Cernobbio by bus.

Definitely easier is to reach the Intelvi Valley and Lanzo by bus or by car, following the directions from Argegno. As you travel through the valley, you will encounter rural villages and inns and farmhouses for a tasty stop!

From Lanzo it is worthwhile to reach the beautiful Belvedere della Sighignola “Balcony of Italy,” at 1320 meters above sea level, from where to admire the Alps and Lake Lugano.


If you want to stay on the lake instead, you can visit the Manzoni branch of Lecco, leaving from Cernobbio by boat, heading to Varenna (which we also tell you about in this article).

From Varenna you can continue to Bellano, by ferry, train or bus, and take a refreshing walk through the gorges of the world-famous orrido, an amazing sight that will fascinate you and your children.

Bellano can also be reached from Varenna on foot, just over 10 km and 2h30′ of walking, along the Via del Viandante.