Perhaps not everyone knows that Lake Como is not only home to luxurious villas and quaint historic villages; in fact, its waters are inhabited by a multitude of fish, specifically at least 25 species.

The fish from Lake Como has always been a fundamental ingredient of the local gastronomy, to be enjoyed together with other typical flavors such as, for example, polenta or risotto.

Want to learn more about the fish you can enjoy on Lake Como? Here is an overview of the main specimens that inhabit our lake and some recipes for which they are used.

Agone (Twaite Shad)

We begin our overview from the twaite shad, a prized fish that is caught only in June and July. Lake Como restaurants offer it fried, carpione (i.e., fried and marinated in vinegar) or dried, a preparation that gives it the name misultin (a name that originates from misonda, the wooden or tin container inside which it is placed during storage). It is not uncommon to find typical eateries serving the misultin with polenta, so if you spend a few days at one of our vacation homes in Cernobbio, we recommend that you do not miss this dish!

Pesce persico (Perch)

As delicate as it is refined, the perch Is one of the most beloved lake fish. It is not only typical of Lake Como, as it can also be found in many other lakes in northern Italy (with the exception of Lake Garda). This exquisite fish can be enjoyed on its own (flavored with butter and sage) or is used in the preparation of perch rice, sometimes presented with the risotto variation.

Lavarello (Whitefish)

The whitefish, or lazaret, is a light, white-fleshed lake fish that is almost completely free of bones. It is one of the fish that most commonly contribute to the fried lake fish, although it is also often enjoyed barbecued, in carpione, or with herbal sauces.

Alborella (Bleak)

The bleak is a fish similar to the shad; it is a small, silvery-green fish that just like its like is often prepared in carpione, or served inside a delicious fried lake fish.

No description does sufficient justice to our lake fish: come and discover it for yourself and, after your hearty dinner, come and rest at one of our comfortable vacation homes in Cernobbio!