(km 5.5 – estimated time 1:40 hours)

  • minimum altitude ZONE BUGONE (mt 1088) – maximum altitude MONTE COLMEGNONE (mt 1344)
  • Recommended parking: below the summit of Mount Bisbino
  • the trail starts from the signs for Rifugio Bugone, Rifugio Murelli and Agriturismo Roccolo San Bernardo.
  • the walk is also passable by mountain bike to the Roccolo San Bernardo Farmhouse (the last part of the climb to Mount Colmegnone must be done on foot)
  • Along the way meet the three refreshment points mentioned above.

the walk is recommended in all seasons, in May-June for the flowering of the brooms, in autumn for the beauty of the beech trees, in winter even with some snow.

advise caution when arriving at the summit of Mount Colmegnone as the mountainsides at the lake are particularly steep and dangerous.


(km. 4.8 – estimated time 1:45 hours)

  • minimum altitude mt 247 – maximum altitude mt 576
  • Torriggia high parking lot
  • From upper Torriggia take the agro-sylvo-pastoral road overlooking Careno.
  • you can reach the Torriggia Mountains in about 45 minutes (you will find a large picnic meadow).
  • from the Torriggia Mountains at the fountain continue left and in a few minutes you reach the Germanello Mountains in whose vicinity there is a water source.
  • the descent is on a steep stone-paved path to the upper part of Germanello where you can follow a coast path that leads to Torriggia alta (orange sticker)

we encourage the use of public transportation: regular buses


(km 6 – estimated time 1:40 hours)

  • minimum altitude mt 200 – maximum altitude mt 340
  • Parking on the lakefront in the vicinity of the Town Hall
  • the route is indicated by temporary signage with orange stickers.
  • you start by walking down a flight of steps that is ca 50 mt before the Town Hall.
  • the route reaches the hamlets of Ossana, Soldino and Ticee with lake views. In Germanello we recommend visiting the small church.
  • following the orange vignettes continue to the right toward Torriggia alta with a view of Careno.
  • you return to the starting point by crossing Old Queen and reaching first the Tenciuú bank and finally the pyramid.

we encourage the use of public transportation (regular buses)


(km 2.6 – estimated time min. 40)

  • minimum altitude PIAZZA DI BRIENNO (mt 210) – maximum altitude mt 413
  • parking lot at the entrance to the village
  • the route starts near the church in Brienno and is indicated by temporary signs with orange stickers.
  • After passing through the old village, a connecting path is followed to the cabins
  • Along the way you will encounter two beautiful stone bridges.

We encourage the use of public transportation (boat from March to September or regular bus)