Today’s walk consists of two stages:

  1. The first, which is also suitable for families, starts from the Brunate funicular to the San Maurizio Lighthouse Square;
  2. The second winds from the lighthouse to the top of Mount Boletto, passing the most famous huts in the area.

Height difference: 200 meters

Trail type: paved road to the lighthouse or mule track, dirt trail to the cabins; Family-friendly trail to the lighthouse

Rest stops: Acqua Ciara (panoramic terrace, first stage), Baita Cao, Baita Carla, Baita Bondella, Baita Fabrizio

Brunate, known as the ” Balcony on the Alps,” is a small village overlooking Como and its Lake and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Several hikes start from here, and today I decide, with my fellow hikers, to take the route to the different huts, and then continue with the more trained to the top of Mount Boletto.

From La Corte di Zizi, one can reach Como either by taking the boat, or by the C10 bus, with a stop at S. Agostino: the funicular station is on Viale Geno, a few minutes’ walk away.

Arrived in Brunate, in a little over half an hour it is possible to reach the square of the famous Lighthouse, either by a paved road or by a mule track (shuttles are available on holidays); you can then continue to the square where the Shrine of Saint Rita’s – the smallest in Europe – and the Cao chalet, with a panoramic terrace sul lake.

We pass the Cao Hut and, following an easy dirt road through the forest, in 20 minutes we arrive at Baita Carla, refreshment with garden.

We continue slightly uphill 15 minutes more and we reach Baita Bondella, past which we arrive at Baita Fabrizio: some people stop here for lunch or a picnic, after an hour’s walk from the Cao parking lot.

Together with Chicca, my dog, and other more trained walkers we climb for another 30 minutes to the summit of the Mount Boletto, from which there is a view of the Lake and its mountains.
We reconvene on the way back with our other friends for a proper break and coffee, and then resume our way back, satisfied with our outing and the day.