Lake Como is definitely a vacation destination that meets a wide range of needs: it can be admired from the comfort of a boat, but it offers trails for trekking and mountain biking enthusiasts; one can enjoy its natural beauty, take a dip in its waters, visit its historic villas and stroll through their beautiful and lush gardens.

Lake Como is therefore an attractive destination for the whole family, but what if the grandparents have some motor difficulties, or a family member needs special attention to the accessibility of the facilities where they are staying? Our ‘Riva‘ apartment could be the ideal solution.

It is located on the ground floor, so access to the courtyard is easy and immediate. A special platform also allows a wheelchair to enter.

The bathroom was designed so that it could also be used by a disabled person, if assisted.

The spaces in the room allow for wheelchair access and mobility.

The inner courtyard is a well-equipped space in which to relax, have a glass of wine, and share meals.